Shop Rate: $175/hr

3 dyno pulls (no tuning) $300 flat rate

Dyno tuning with our tuner $275/hr

Dyno tuning with your tuner $175/hr

Custom Fabrication Services at The Speed Shop

Custom Fabrication Services at The Speed Shop

Welcome to the world of precision custom fabrication in Courtenay, B.C. Our team creates extraordinary solutions for performance vehicles from every era.

Whether you’re looking to prepare your vehicle for the track, locate a part for a vintage make and model, achieve a unique and stylish look, or enhance that powerful rumble under the hood, our custom fabrication services will give you exactly what you’re after.

What Does Custom Fabrication Entail?

Custom fabrication is the process of creating unique, tailor-made products or components according to your wants and needs. It involves cutting, shaping, and assembling raw materials to produce one-of-a-kind items for your vehicle.

Our bending, shearing, metal grinding, and welding expertise, combined with our mechanical and electrical know-how, help customers win races and turn heads!

the speed shop garage
the speed shop garage

Why Choose Custom Fabrication for Your Vehicle?

When you opt for custom fabrication, you get precision quality unmatched by off-the-shelf parts.

Every mechanical component we create is handmade and dyno-tested for optimal performance. Our mechanical and wiring expertise and in-house welding service allow us to collaborate with you on repairing or upgrading your vehicle in endless ways.

Are you having trouble with your engine build? We can provide those hard-to-find parts and handle those tricky modifications. Give us a call or send us a message, and let us know what you’re trying to achieve.

Metal Fabrication (TIG & MIG Welding)

Each metal fabrication project The Speed Shop takes on comes with its own unique set of challenges.

Thankfully, our skilled fabricators are comfortable dealing with the materials of the trade. We possess all the necessary resources to bring your vision to life. Even more important than the range of fabrication tools we have at our disposal is our ability to problem-solve and think creatively.

Whether dealing with cast iron or aluminum alloy, our on-site welding capabilities enable us to create any number of replacement parts. Our knowledgeable customer base demands the best, and that’s what we deliver! We’re certified in MIG and TIG welding and have tackled projects involving steel, aluminum, and stainless steel tanks.

Our skilled fabricators have the techniques and patience to forge any internal or external mechanical components you require.

Custom Design

When it comes to custom fabrication services in Courtenay, The Speed Shop stands out as a premier destination for car lovers from Nanaimo, Parksville, and anywhere else on Vancouver Island.

Whether you prefer vintage hot rods or the stylings of today’s luxury sports cars, the condition and appearance of your vehicle factor heavily into your enjoyment as you drive.

Nobody appreciates your pursuit of engine power and automotive perfection more than your friends at The Speed Shop. We love discussing ways to get the most out of your vehicle’s engine. Rest assured, we have all the tools and experience to get you the best results.

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Benefits of Custom Fabrication

Your car is your baby; make it your own! A shiny car is only as impressive as its parts. The Speed Shop is your gateway to perfecting the details that will make all the difference.

Precision Fit

How a component fits is a major consideration for custom auto parts. You don’t just want a piece that serves its function; you should demand parts that also accentuate the look and overall performance when you step your foot on the gas. When CNC machining isn’t an option, The Speed Shop can assist.

We go out of our way to forge the perfect piece that will align with your other components. At our shop, it’s not good enough until everything is perfect. Our tweaking and fabrication adjustments promote the longevity of your parts and your satisfaction on the road.

A precise fit eliminates any gaps or misalignments that can compromise your vehicle’s integrity. Whether it’s a custom exhaust system or something else for your engine, a good fit ensures that everything works together seamlessly for augmented muscle power and a seamless new look.

Enhanced Performance

Custom fabrication allows you to showcase your engine’s strengths. Our services optimize various engine components to deliver superior power and efficiency. Some ways in which custom fabrication improves your driving conditions include:

  • Hand-crafted cylinder heads improve airflow and combustion efficiency.
  • Fabricated custom intake manifolds increase air intake and improve throttle response.
  • Precision balancing of engine internals reduces vibrations and increases overall smoothness.
  • Custom exhaust systems provide maximum flow and reduced back pressure.

By customizing these crucial engine components through welding and hand craftsmanship, you can achieve significant performance gains and unleash your ride’s full potential. 

Unique Style

One key advantage of custom fabrication is the ability to upgrade the features and appearance of any make. Whether you want a sleek, high-end, polished look or a bold and aggressive appearance, The Speed Shop will bring your concept to life.

Our skilled artisans use advanced fabrication techniques to create a one-off piece that perfectly complements your vehicle’s specs. From custom grilles to flashy exhaust pipes, the options for transforming your vehicle are limitless.

In addition to the aesthetics, custom fabrication can provide functional enhancements, such as improved aerodynamics. With the help of expert finishers, the final product will have a flawless appearance and refined utility.

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Quality Assurance in Custom Fabrication Work

Reputable custom fabrication shops, like The Speed Shop in Courtenay, prioritize quality assurance measures to guarantee the durability and longevity of all fabricated products.
Skilled welders play a crucial role in expediting the work.

The Speed Shop offers on-site TIG and MIG welding to create reliable welds that can withstand the rigors of everyday use. We conduct thorough inspections and testing to guarantee that every fabricated part meets our strict quality standards.

By choosing a trusted custom fabrication shop, such as The Speed Shop, you have peace of mind knowing that the products and components provided are built to last. Whether for performance upgrades or aesthetic purposes, quality assurance is a crucial aspect of the custom fabrication process.

Get Started Today

From metal fabrication techniques to composite fabrication, The Speed Shop has the expertise to deliver the wow factor you crave. 

Whether you’re looking for engine performance upgrades, unique styling enhancements, or specialized tuning for racing vehicles, our team will get the job done! Trust us to bring your automotive vision to life with our unmatched dedication.

Precision custom fabrication services offer unparalleled quality and personalization for your vehicle. From enhancing engine performance to showcasing your engine handiwork, our results are consistently top-notch. 

Contact The Speed Shop today to get started.