Shop Rate: $175/hr

3 dyno pulls (no tuning) $300 flat rate

Dyno tuning with our tuner $275/hr

Dyno tuning with your tuner $175/hr


Visit The Speed Shop for Maximum Performance

At our high-performance shop, we take pride in our team of Dynojet Certified Technicians and Journeyman Mechanics. 

Their commitment to excellence ensures that your vehicle achieves optimal horsepower and efficiency. Trust us to elevate your driving experience with our specialized expertise and dedication to performance.

Our Dyno Jet Chassis Dynamometer is equipped with the latest software that allows us to tune nearly any make, model or year of vehicle.


We have a new state of the art Dynojet Chassis dynamometer. Whether you just want to see how much power your car makes, tune your motor yourself or have one of our Trained Technicians tune your engine- we have a service for you. 

Fragola performance plumbing

We carry a complete line of Fragola plumbing performance products. Whether you’d like reusable “AN style” hoses and fittings or light-weight crimped hoses we can do it all for you- from dash 3 to dash 20 sizes.

We can build the hoses for you on a piece by piece basis or plumb your whole vehicle. Call for a quote.

HP Tuners

We’re Western Canada’s authorized dealer for HP Tuners products. We can sell you MPVI 3 module to tune your vehicle yourself or an RTD unit so we can remote tune your vehicle for you. We can also tune any late model vehicle on our dyno using HP Tuners software on our Chassis Dyno.

Custom Fabrication

We have all of the equipment needed to fabricate custom parts for your car from stainless steel exhaust, custom tanks fabricated in aluminum to manifolds we’ve got you covered.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions about our range of services, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.