Shop Rate: $175/hr

3 dyno pulls (no tuning) $300 flat rate

Dyno tuning with our tuner $275/hr

Dyno tuning with your tuner $175/hr

When and Why Should I Schedule Dyno Tuning?


Almost all vehicles can benefit from having their engines and transmissions Dyno Tuned:

  • Street cars and trucks
  • Street Rods
  • Race cars

1) Gong on a long trip, regularly commuting long distances and want better fuel mileage?

2) Using your vehicle for towing and need a little extra to power up those long hills or need the transmission tuned for better drivability?

3) Have you made any modifications to the engine- cold air intake, better exhaust, any engine add-ons? In almost all cases the motor will need to be tuned to take full advantage of your changes.

4) Have you put a new motor in your hot rod or race car and want to optimize it’s power and torque?


Using our Chassis Dyno our professional tuners can almost always make improvements to Horsepower, torque mileage and drivability no matter what type of vehicle or use.


First Off, What Is A Chassis Dyno and What Is Dyno Tuning?


 A chassis Dyno is a machine that measures the torque and horsepower that your car is putting out at the wheels.

 Using a multitude of devices such as: Air Flow Sensors, Inductive Pickups, Boost Sensors and Fuel Pressure Sensors we can change the characteristics of your engine and transmission to optimize Torque, Power, Fuel Economy and Drivability.

 Whether you have an “old school” carburetor and distributor, super charger or modern electronic fuel injection we have the experts to tune your vehicle. We have a factory trained HP Tuners technician who can reprogram many types of modern computers.


The Dyno Tuning Process


Give us a call and we can discuss your vehicle and what you’d like to see in improvements. If you’d like to proceed, we can make an appointment for you to drop off your vehicle and begin the tuning process. We’ll record all of the data from the initial Dyno Run and begin tuning the engine and transmission systems and electronics to maximize performance. When we’re done we invite you to come down to the shop and see it perform on its “final pull”. We’ll also provide you with detailed charts and data to show you what was changed and what improvements these changes made.

 We can also go on a road test with you to ensure the car drives and feels the way you want.


Vancouver Island’s Trusted Chassis Dyno Tuning Experts

A lot is riding on the consistently high performance of your car’s engine and driveline.

Whether you’re planning a visit to the Saratoga Motorsports Park,  expecting to get the most out of your refurbished muscle car, or just want better performance from your street car- Dyno tuning is a crucial step in maximizing your vehicle’s efficiency, lifespan, and the amount of fun you have behind the wheel.

Contact The Speed Shop to book a chassis dyno tuning session at our location in Courtenay, B.C. We look forward to becoming your go-to automotive service team!